Immersive AR & VR Production

Available in Google Chrome Browser for desktop by watching video above or
within your Youtube Mobile App search "bhagwan 360" or click the direct youtube link

Download Samsung VR Gear files here (457Mb) and unzip to folder "360 Videos"
on your Samsung VR Gear SD Card

Media Release: Virtual Vessel Tour Huge Hit at Oil & Gas Expo

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Augmental delivers corporate experiences in augmented and virtual reality. We film in 8, 6 and 4K 360 as well as high definition panoramic photographic stills. Our 360 video footage is viewable on demand via desktop, mobile or VR Devices such as the Oculus Rift or Samsung VR Gear. We also have the ability to setup a live VR stream to viewed in real time around the world. Our focus is on the end experience for our clients and their customers, giving tangible benefits through new technologies.

We started filming in 360 in early 2013 and have worked with the Saipem Leighton Consortium, Chevron, Bunnings and Bhagwan Marine in creating 360 virtual reality presentations. Our company is part of the Glenfield Digital Group who develops enterprise app and cloud service technologies for Business customers. In the coming months we will be launching many exciting things in the world of AR and VR, please keep in touch with us on Twitter and visit our site for footage launches.